withlacoochee lodge  #98

south georgia council, bsa



withlacoochee lodge #98 - blue book m1?

- blue book m1?


metal/pastic flap

issued in june, 2013.  seven flaps total were made.

four flaps had a red edge/border and three flaps had a brown edge/border.

these flaps were affixed to the pocket flap with magnets


the flap is a vinyl adhesive image stuck to a red piece of plastic.  the same kind of plastic used for engraving nametags.  there is a metal plate stuck to the back of the plastic so the flap could be worn on the uniforms and keep it on the pocket flap with magnets.


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worn by lodge advisor (2) and associate adviser (2) to 2013 philmont order of the arrow conference.

other three to scout executive, lodge historian and lodge collection 1 each..


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